Coming soon you will enjoy new Noches de Colombia restaurants in New York and Connecticut where the tradition of authentic “mom’s cooking” Colombian food continues. Keeping with what we value most, excellent food and equally excellent service, our New York and Connecticut locations will serve all the same delectable dishes, selections from our bar, coffee, and bakery.

Our new locations will carry on the same interior appeal that has made the many Noches de Colombia locations famous for their warm, inviting, hospitable atmosphere. Look for Venetian style walls, accented by mahogany tables, granite counters, and auburn chandeliers. And, you can count on good music for the music lover in you, and large flat-screen TVs to accommodate the many soccer fans New York and Connecticut have to offer.

We aim to give each one of our customers a 5-star experience, whether they’re dining with us for the evening, coming in to watch a game at the bar, or grabbing an order to go. Each one of our personnel, no matter if they are working at an existing location, or training for a new one, adopt Noches De Colombia values when it comes to providing excellent service and a warm, friendly dining environment.

Our New York and Connecticut locations will also offer a full catering menu, an easy way to feed delicious, lovingly prepared Colombian dishes to larger groups.

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