Visit any Noches de Colombia location, and you’re sure to discover just how dedicated we are to present you with 100% authentic Colombian culinary prepared meals. For you, the customer, we focus our energy every day on creating flavorful eye-catching dishes, an excellent dining experience, a lively and energetic atmosphere, and expertly crafted baked goods.

We’ve also enjoyed bringing authentic Colombian coffee, a hallmark symbol of Colombian culture, to our customers. So much so that we have developed our own exclusive line of Noches de Colombia Coffee for your enjoyment.

Authenticity in Every Cup
Now, Noches de Colombia has the distinct privilege of adding our custom roasted coffee to our menu of offerings. This coffee, close to our heart, is grown in the Andean town of Apia in the famous Colombian coffee growing triangle.

The Coffee Triangle lies within the Colombian Paisa region in the rural parts of the country. The four departments, Caldas, Quindio, Risaralda, and Tolima, make up this area that’s so famous for growing this remarkable coffee.

Colombia has been growing coffee since the late 18th century, making its way into cups around the world, and gaining considerable notoriety for its consistent flavor for over two centuries since. Colombia is the leading producer of high-quality Arabica coffee beans.

Small Estate Grown
Small estate-grown, carefully picked and cared for, Colombian beans are world-renowned for their full body and pleasing flavor profile. That’s because the landscape, rich with volcanic soil and temperate climate is ideally suited for producing the best beans.

Over 500,000 small estate farmers work less than two hectares each to deliver quality Arabica coffee to the market each season. In fact, every year, Colombian coffee farmers export, on average, 11.5 million pounds of coffee.

Expert Cultivation
With this long history of cultivation, and the sheer volume of production, you can rest assured Colombian coffee farmers, particularly the ones growing for Noches de Colombia, are the most knowledgeable in the specialty coffee business.

While much of Colombian coffee gets mixed into popular supermarket chain coffee, Noches de Colombia beans are treated differently. This coffee is caringly cultivated by small farmers who meticulously select and care for the right strains of Arabica coffee plants. They pick only the berries just ripe enough, but not too ripe, each growing season. Then, they process them with care to remove the beans from the fruit, before sending them to Noches de Colombia roasteries to be roasted to peak flavor.

From our Farms to your Cup
Noches de Colombia holds a reputation for superbly curated Colombia dishes, warm and welcoming hospitality, and excellent service for each and every one of our patrons. We incorporate this same philosophy into our coffee line. We ensure each bag of roasted beans we provide you is packed full of rich, well-balanced flavor.

We are so pleased to present our new line of Noches de Colombia coffee to you. We hope your experience drinking it is as fulfilling as our experience has been sourcing it and delivering it to you.

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